Thursday, April 27, 2017

An Evening Walk to the Beach

 Last night, we told J he could have a cookie if he ate all his dinner. He did not, so he did not get a cookie. But when I told him tonight we could walk to the beach if he ate all his dinner, he sure did eat it all, and he was so excited, since it was a "sunny day" and he had found his long lost beach toys in the backyard. Victor still wasn't home (it's thesis writing time), so this was a fun little date with my babies.

For the first time in forever I took my nice camera to try and practice its settings.
 ^^that face!!^^
 Love these brothers playing! Dom would pretend to play, then run off to the water when he thought I wasn't watching.
 A sand dollar for good luck.
 ^^dang look at those curls!^^
I sure love this short walk from our house. It will definitely be what I miss most when we have to leave! Monterey you are so beautiful.


  1. monterey looks so cute and charming! although also a little chilly

  2. The only way I can tell your boys apart is by the amount of curls! Beautiful beach.