Friday, April 28, 2017

Monterey Farmers Markets

Ahhhh, Monterey Farmers Markets. Between those and the beach, they are my happy place and my pick me up. They have the same therapeutic power for me. There is literally a market in different places around the Monterey Peninsula every day of the week!
^^first time at the market! There would be four more babies if we were to have a reunion so crazy^^

When I moved here, I first visited the Friday market with my friend Amanda and referred to her guide she put together as I began checking out the markets. This site is also a great day by day schedule for all the markets. 
one of my favorite spots at the Friday market. They always have the prettiest flowers, including the amazing ranunculus from above. 
 On Tuesday night, we love to take a family walk over to the downtown market. It's easier to make the 15 minute walk than to try to park. It's more of a street fair than a market, but it has theee best strawberries for the best price! The Bay Fresh Berry Producer from Salinas. The owner is such a great guy.
^^J also loves the bird guy that comes out^^
My favorite treats from the Tuesday market: kettle corn, cucumber juice, and home brewed root beer from Pacific Grove. Yum.
 So many happy times at these markets! I plan on going every week until we move because I sure am going to miss having so many so close.

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