Saturday, June 10, 2017

Memorial Day in San Francisco

One of the things on our California bucket list (specifically San Francisco bucket list) was to go to a Giants game, so when Victor had the chance to get free tickets for volunteering before the game in uniform, we took it! The catch was we had to be there like 3 hours before the game started, and I'm not gonna lie, I was a little anxious about being able to pass the time without having any meltdowns. Luckily it was great! Thanks to these three things...

First, the stadium is right on the water, with a great walking path along the bay. I had always wanted to check out the Ferry Building, so I walked over with the boys.

 We ate some yummy Argentine empanadas and fresh juice. There were a lot of food stalls that looked fun to try.
 ^^Dominic is always so photogenic^^
 ^^They also loved walking under the huge Bay Bridge^^
Second was this little park right next to the ball park. Bless this park! They got to run and play after the long car ride, and it really helped with them sitting (mostly) at the game. The ball park itself actually had a really cool free kids area, with 2 big slides in the giant coca cola bottle, and a mini baseball diamond you could play on, but the boys weren't tall enough for the slides, sadly. But I loved this ball park because it was so family friendly.

Which leads me to my third thing for our successful outing: free stroller check in at the ball park. Sounds so silly, but with two little boys who like to run away as fast as the can, I need my stroller! Especially if it's just me. Being able to take it and walk around before the game and then take it into the ball park was a lifesaver. 
Good job handing out those flags, Victor ;) Now let's go to the game. 
The boys were pretty good, and we lasted about eight innings, long enough to see this epic brawl between Bryce Harper and the Giants pitcher! It was exciting haha. Go watch it. 
And one last view of the beautiful ball park as we walked to the car--the boys were snoozing in the stroller. Happy Memorial Day!

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