Tuesday, June 20, 2017

One Last Afternoon in Carmel by the Sea

After the stress of getting moved out and the cottage ready to go, an afternoon in Carmel by the Sea was just what I needed. I can never get enough of this insanely charming city. This time around I made sure to bring my camera and take pictures of some of my favorite nooks and crannies throughout the city. 

^^this is the Cypress Inn, owned by Doris Day, who still lives in Carmel Valley!^^
^^the house right on the coast is a Frank Lloyd Wright house^^
We met up with my friend Gleidy and her kids at the Cottage of Sweets, the cutest candy store everrr. We also took some hidden alleys over to the cutest art gallery that the kids loved. It was seriously such a lovely perfect afternoon with friends. 
^^look at those cute happy kids!^^
 Oh Carmel, you get me every time. How I wish I could buy a house there and stay forever!

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  1. So charming! But your new place looks pretty cute too from what I've seen. Hope you grow to love it just as much.