Thursday, March 29, 2018

My J Says

His language is expanding...and he has a lot to say! I love writing these funny little things down. Most of these will read as a conversation. Just assume I'm the other one in the convo ha
"J, what are you?"
"My mommy and papi call me Joseph sometimes"

"Mel Mel, why you drink all my root berry??"

"That toy for sisters. Not for boys."

"What did you learn about at church today?"
"Oh, about Jesus or something."

To his friend Lucy when her and her fam were visiting:
"Lucy, don't say no to your papi!"

"Mommy, come wipe my stupid butt!"

At Christmas time when my sister asked him what else he wanted for Christmas:
"Just the power wheels from Walmart. We don't have a lot of money." 
(???? I had never said that to him hahahaha)

"Mommy, when is my baby sister coming?"
"I don't know, Heavenly Father decides that."
"I going to tell Heavenly Father I want a baby sister."

"K Dom, you going to get married. And I going to stay in the car. Ok you're not getting married so we going to Chuck E Cheese's instead."

"The ocean pulled down my swimming suit!"

"What did you learn about at church today?"
"That Jesus died for Easter eggs."

Me: "Why is my dress so wrinkled??"
"You got poop on it?"

"Mommy, how come the store with drinks and yummy cookies not in California?"
Oh Swig, we love you haha.

"Mommy, I want a pet."
"What kind of pet?"
"Maybe a fishy."
"How about a kitty?"
"No, they too wild."
 Stay tuned to see what else he says. You never know!

Here are some others if you are interested. Love this little boy!

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