Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Our Easter Sunday

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

We had a great Easter this year, which was nice because last year with these little toddlers was rough. An Easter I want to forget yikes. Maybe a lot had to do with the fact that we had general conference so there wasn't the pressure to have a special time at church, because if you put those expectations on your kids, you are usually disappointed. Anyway, I digress. 

Victor got home from overnight duty on Sunday morning, so the Easter Bunny didn't come until after the morning session of conference. The boys were very pleased and very surprised. And pretty dang cute. 

So for Easter dinner this year, we had our own Jerusalem dinner on the floor in our living room. We were invited to one by friends in Okinawa, and it was such a neat experience. I inherited some wood dishes from my grandma this summer, so it was a perfect time to use them, which was also nice to have good memories of her.

We based our dinner out of the book called "A Christ Centered Easter"--the title pretty much sums it up. It's great and kid friendly. It has recipes and other recipe/ingredient suggestions of foods that were around in the time of Christ. We started the meal by sampling and explaining each of the symbolic Passover/Last supper foods, and then we ate the rest of the meal. The boys were also excited to do the Romanian tradition of hitting hard boiled eggs together and saying "Christ Resurrected!"

 I really am still on a high remembering what a special Easter it was. I love it when Easter falls on general conference. The wonderful talks helped so much in the spirit of the day. And now that J is understanding the history of things, it was especially meaningful to be the person to explain the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to him.  I can't wait to keep up this tradition with the boys and teach them even more.

Hope you had a great Easter. Hristos a Inviat!

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