Monday, April 16, 2018

An Adventure to Joshua Tree

 Last week Victor was still gone on a work trip, and so was my friend Katelyn's husband, so we took our boys and went on our own little adventure out to the desert! We met up in Palm Desert for an afternoon of swimming and a night at a hotel which my kids LOVE, and the next day we drove up to Joshua Tree National Park and explored there.

When all is said and done, it was a success and we had a great time. But getting four little boys together was NUTS at times. They love to wrestle and fight which usually always goes too far and ends with tears, and they love to be noisy and run off in all directions! So it was chaotic at times, but I was still grateful to spend time with Katelyn and admire the beauty of the desert with her!

I really thought it was a beautiful national park. But if you're expecting beauty like Yosemite or Zion with grand vistas, you will be disappointed. You are out in the desert. So it's a different kind of beauty. The beauty of all the Joshua trees with their crazy outstretched arms, and the beauty of these awesome rock formations. It was an ideal place for kids to run around, play in dirt, and climb the rocks.
^^I spy some little explorers^^
^^the Joshua trees are so cool!^^
^^Elephant rock--so cute!^^
^^Skull Rock--looks like Voldemort haha^^
The one actual "hike" we did was up to a place called Arch Rock. The boys did really well on it--I think having a cool little destination goal helps them. When we took them places to just hang out is when they were craziest! They were proud of themselves that they made it to the arch. 
^^All of us finally in a picture together!^^
We also stopped at this cool little spot in the town of Joshua Tree after lunch.

I hope to go back again and explore some more. Fun story--my aunt and my mom were telling me that my grandma used to take them out there for their Easter Egg hunts for Easter. How cool is that?? I could totally see a "cool mom" doing that these days and sharing the idea on instagram haha. My grandma would have been one cool instagram mom, and I may just steal her idea for next year ;) Stay tuned!


  1. How fun for Easter!!!! Might have to all do that together!

    1. umm yes let's do it! I just think that's such a fun idea--just praying nobody gets lost in the desert!

  2. Fun to have a friend to adventure with when your husbands are away. Looks cool!