Thursday, June 20, 2019

Samana! Las Terrenas and El Limon

It was a fantastic feeling waking up to the sounds of waves and birds after spending the first few days of our trip in the crazy, loud and stifling city of Santo Domingo. We stayed in Las Terrenas, which was a few minutes away from Victor's mom's house up by El Limon. We loved the laid back feel of Las Terrenas---and Samana. Unlike Punta Cana area where everywhere is gated resorts, Las Terrenas is just more authentic. 

One morning, Victor, Julio, and I took horses to El Limon waterfall. Wow was it gorgeous!! It was funny because we told Victor's grandma we wanted to go there, so she just called some of her neighbors who brought their horses and we just went!

After we got back, we picked up the boys and let them ride around on the horses a little

The time we were in Samana would be great weather in the mornings, and then typically after lunch it would start raining and rain several hours in the afternoon. During that time, we spent a lot of down time at Victor's mom's house (where his grandma lives). We just hung out, ate really good food, and the boys played with Victor's cousins little boys, who didn't speak a word of english, and our boys don't speak spanish (I know i know we need to work on that) and yet they had fun and played just like your typical little boys! It was some valuable time with family that we rarely see. 

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