Thursday, June 20, 2019

Samana! Las Galeras

Las Galeras is at the farthest end of the Samana peninsula and it was a DREAM. We sure loved this gorgeous beach and spent two days here. First, with just the four of us, and then we told my inlaws they HAD to come with us again and they loved it. One of those days was Columbus Day, and my mother in law reminded me it was Samana--specifically the Las Galeras area that Christopher Columbus first landed on. How surreal is that? Can you imagine these views as the first glimpses of the new world?
that's me getting a massage on the beach. Looks janky but it was pretty good haha

When we came back with my inlaws and Victor's cousin, we played for a while, and then took cover from the rain and had a really yummy lunch with super fresh fish. I never got sick of the food in the D.R. it was all so yummy. 
 ^^fresh lime sooooo good^^
 love my inlaws they are the best!
my father in law found this in the water! he is so sweet he let me keep it.

As soon as we get the chance to go back, Las Galeras is going to be one of our first stops. It was heaven! It's in my top 3 for favorite beaches I've ever been to!

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