Tuesday, May 31, 2011

95 Degrees and 95% Humidity

That was my weekend...HOT! Sometimes I wanted to die, but then I heard that it was 40 degrees and rainy in Utah so then I tried to enjoy it a little bit more. But it was a wonderful weekend. So good.

My homie graduated from school and also was commissioned as an officer. Now people salute him. You know I love a guy with power. Ha.
I just love this picture. I think he looks adorable.

We did some other stuff too, like venture all the way down to Virginia to sign our lease for our apartment.

I had a Miss Geist moment with my slip showing. Don't mind me

It was another cause for celebration, so we drove even farther into Virginia to a wonderful restaurant that my family found in 2008 when we were lost, tired, and hungry. Turns out we found the greatest restaurant of all time in Culpeper. Seriously. Such good food.

And last but not least, I saw the President! We went to Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day and got to listen to the President speak. I wrote about that experience here.

So that was the weekend. Oh wait, let's not forget the last minute trip to H&M. Now my account of my great vacation is complete.


  1. where the heck are you moving?! It was stinking hot here! Glad you had fun- wish we could have gotten together though! Soon enough, right?

  2. we'll be in stafford--right by quantico. i think it's like a half hour away from leesburg? close enough for me!

  3. Yes, do not forget H&M! Congrats to Victor on graduating. And boo to moving!!!

  4. maybe we'll wait to visit you when the weather is not that crazy humid. Love the Ms. Geist reference. Ps can I have that hat, please!!!!