Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tour of the apartment: part three

Time for the dining room/area and the kitchen! I take these photos as I clean them, so understandably, the kitchen is close to last on the list. It's a small little kitchen, so it gets messy very easily. Also, it took me so long for the dining room pics because I finally got the blasted parts from Ikea to finish up the last chair. Speaking of which, the table and chairs were a gift from my parents. So that means that our parents basically helped us furnish our apartment: yep, we're pretty lucky and loved.  Anyway, here you go:
the view from the living room
featured on the table are some fake flowers (maintenance free!), my Romanian shepherd boy, and cute bird salt and pepper shakers. 

As you can see, it's a one person kitchen. That's probably Victor's reasonings of why he doesn't help cook, and it's most definitely my reasoning of why I don't help him do the dishes.
the view to into the living room, featuring my favorite nesting doll measuring cups that I bought from World Market 

Just to prove that I am learning how to be a good little wifey, the picture above features the handmade tomato soup that I made, and under that black cloth is some homemade rosemary bread rising. I'm on my way to becoming a domestic goddess!


  1. dang gina! I want some of that bread and soup. recipe please!

  2. 5 extra points for being a domestic goddess, and 10 for the salt and pepper shakers. they are your best accessory!