Monday, August 1, 2011

Huzzah for birthdays!

The pictures go as follows: 
Benedict Arnold: that dirt bag traitor! Husband making a face of "it's hot and I thought they would shoot off more canons!"
Me in front of the governor's palace.
The patriots. Our birthday cake from our dinner last night with our favorite family in Annapolis.

In case you didn't know, my husband's birthday is just two days after mine, so we do joint celebrations, like fun mini vacations to Colonial Williamsburg. We enjoyed eating in dark taverns where they raised a glass and shouted "huzzah!" and sang "For he's a jolly good fellow" for my hubby's 25th birthday. I got kind of bored with all the "historic" stuff (the heat and humidity had something to do with that--I still am not used to it!), but we made up for that with shopping--huzzah!

So, I usually tend to not spill out my feelings about my husband on this blog, mostly because I agree with Jane Austen when she says in P&P that lovers' stories and emotions are never as special or interesting to other people than they are to the couple. But let it be known, I LOVE my husband! He knows me so well, and he treats me like gold. He loves it when I cook for him, and doesn't complain when I don't feel like it. And he always does the dishes. He never belches and rarely farts, which is nice, but it makes me feel like I'm the gross one in this relationship! He's a hard worker, he's a gentleman, he's selfless, and most importantly, he has a good heart. It's not quite a list of "25 things that I love about my husband" that lots of people do for birthday blogging (which I actually really like--maybe next year!), but there you go. 

And also, thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes (I'm talking about my birthday now--always bringing it back to ME!). Honestly, it was kind of a bummer day for me--I am just starting to not want to get older, I think. I'm 24 now. Blah!!

Love love and huzzah!


  1. Tally and I share our birthday week too...dislike! I want my own celebrations. None of this combined stuff. Oh well. :) Happy birthday old lady (with Phoebe fingers.)

  2. i don't know, in the picture of yourself it looks like you were pissed they didn't shoot off cannons too... maybe it's that weird syndrome married couples get---they start to look like each other. i think that's happening to you.

  3. It's too late, people before we were married already thought we looked like brother and sister lol