Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mormon night at Camden Yards

I love summer baseball games. I don't love stupid traffic that makes us miss all the Mormon festivities before the game for Mormon night. I guess one of the starting pitchers for the Orioles is a returned missionary and he was signing autographs before the game. That would have been cool. But we missed it. They also did some family history presentation. Sounds blah, but we're in Baltimore, not SLC, so that would be cool to see too. But nope, we missed it. DARN YOU, I-95. DARN YOU TO HECK!!

I spy a missionary
more missionaries. there were lots.

Speaking of mormons, have you seen this yet?

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It's been going around facebook like crazy, but it's so funny. My favorite line (well, one of them) is the one about Mitt Romney and John Huntsman:

"One of these guys could be our next president: the other one is John Huntsman."

Am I a Mormon? Yahweh! Am I weird? In the words of Colbert, "I don't know-weh!"


  1. That video cracked me up! I loved the part where he's saying with that perfect jawline you could tell he was the weird kid in high school having a hard time finding friends. it's awesome!

  2. Loved the Colbert clip! And somehow I had no idea there was a Mormon night until the other day... wish we could have gone! Glad you guys had fun (and boo traffic. and I-95.)