Friday, August 12, 2011

Tour of the apartment: part two

Alright, so here is the entryway/ living room. We just got curtains up in this room, and it helps a lot. But we still want to get a painting and pictures up on the wall above the couch to bring in more color. I also want a couple of lamps.  I love the furniture: that was a wonderful wedding gift of Victor's parents. Anyway, this is the view right when you walk in:

I love my rug from Williamsburg! And the curtains are some we bought from Ikea. Then there's the view of the front door, and my little Dominican house that I bought.

 Some of my traveling treasures are featured on the coffee table including my mini terracotta warriors from China, sand from the Dominican Republic and the Black Sea, a stacking doll from Russia, my Romanian painted eggs, the Dominican woman figurine, and my new flower vase from Williamsburg (my mom has the same one: I copied her!).
 What's that on tv, you might ask? Well, that is a dance aerobics dvd I bought this week, and it was HARD! I got half way through, and then got distracted and took these pictures instead. Oh, and that's a storage/pantry to the left of the tv. To the right of the tv is the entryway, and me no likey right now. I've been looking everywhere for some kind of coat rack/shoe rack/entryway piece. No luck yet. So right now theres's just a mini fridge that we don't need. Interested?
This picture shows our back porch and our "backyard" aka the woods. Don't go playing around back there unless you want some ticks. But it's pretty to look at. And there's some blackberry bushes too!

So there you go. Right now, I feel like red is the dominant color, so I also want to bring in more blues, and maybe a little yellow. What do you think?

Happy weekend! Love, Annie


  1. That red chair makes a lot more sense from these pictures. In the first picture you sent me I thought it was different. I like it though. Very global- you world travelers!

  2. I love the red chair! I think a big yellow/blue canvas with a little red to tie in would look really good. TJ Maxx and IKEA have a lot of canvas paintings...

  3. I love how your coffee table looks! I'm jealous of it really. Can't wait to see it in person-- sigh.