Monday, October 31, 2011

What today's breaking news says about me

What? Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce?!

Now that the shock has worn off, I think, "surprise, surprise. another celebrity couple gets divorced." But honestly, there's a brief moment when I find out about a celebrity divorce that I really do feel disappointed. This has taught me two things about myself: that I really am a hopeless romantic and promoter of love, and that shamefully, I care way too much about celebrity gossip.

I'm not a mushy person. I rarely indulge in PDA, and as you know from reading my blog, I don't write entire posts about all the adorable things my husband does for me. But that doesn't mean I don't believe in love. It still bums me out when people break up. And while I'm confessing things, I will admit that I love seeing updated relationship statuses on facebook because it means, at least for a little while, that two people are happy and together.

Honestly, while I'm thinking about it, I even feel a twinge of disappointment when a couple from The Bachelor/Bachelorette breaks up: the couples that are 90% staged for the cameras. And even if they are, I think I convince myself every time that this couple might be different. Sad, I know. And one thing the Bachelor and Kim K. have in common, along with Jessica Simpson and the Kate plus 8 lady, is that cameras kill relationships.

As for the whole celebrity gossip thing, well, this is sadly something that I have known about myself for a long long time. No lie, I started watching Access Hollywood when I was ten years old. It's something that I have tried to shake off for years but alas, I can't. But in my defense, I take just as much interest in my real friends lives as I do in people that I have never met. So, I guess you could just say that I'm a busybody who likes to know the goings on in everybody's lives. And frankly, I don't think this is a bad thing. I care about people, so sue me!

So, that's about it. Maybe I'll go and read some more serious news of the world so you don't think that all I do is read the "OMG" section of Yahoo. I'm a well rounded person, I swear.

Happy Halloween!
Love, Annie


  1. Wasn't super surprised...but I was sad: all the money dumped into that relationship and wedding could have been used for something that lasted a tad bit longer...

  2. I have decided that it's just an inherent interest in people. (Do you like people watching too?! It's my favorite. Especially in Provo on Friday night at restaurants. Classic.)
    That makes this all seem like some religious love of God's children, right?
    But seriously, you could be interested in much worser things than people...