Friday, January 10, 2014

One Year in Okinawa

What a year...

 It's hard to believe we have already been here a year. On this day last year we were landing, having no idea what awaited us.

For Victor, it has been a year of A LOT of work, including a two month stint in South Korea. His goals for this upcoming year is to see more of this beautiful island (to catch up to me). He wants to go scuba diving more, and we want to put his Naval Academy education to good use and go sailing.

I want to participate in more cultural events, and have many more beach days :).

Our year in Oki has included a lot of traveling, which I really hope continues. We love it here, but I think the key to loving it so much is to leave ha ha. But really. Island fever can be real, and being able to leave helps me to see how special of a place Okinawa is.

We love it here. The people. The food. The incredible scenery. And so much more.

Happy one year! Here's to two more that we hope to make the most of.


  1. you guys are cute. and really good pictures. alllso, duke loves sailing, i do too, but he does more. so we'll have to go together sometime!

  2. What a year! Miss you guys tons...

  3. all these pictures deserve to be postcards. the end.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I miss yakiniku!