Monday, February 10, 2014

Are you sick of my flower posts??

Because I still have more, sorry! This week it's the orchid festival, in a month is an iris festival I didn't get to last year, as well as the lily festival the month after that. Tis the season for gorgeous flowers in Okinawa. 

Up at the Tropical Dream Center (aka my favorite place on the island), they host the International Orchid Show, and if you thought it was pretty with orchids the last time I posted about it, you have no idea. SO many orchids. So many varieties. So beautiful. These pictures are just a small sampling of what there was. I loved every minute!

 I was wanting to go on Saturday, but Victor wasn't feeling it. Luckily I have these girls who love it just as much as I do to go with. This place is so beautiful.

Happy Monday!


  1. So beautiful! So looking at a bunch of flowers is just not something the guys were interested in? Typical...

  2. Maybe I changed my mind and want to go to Okinawa during orchid season.