Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Snorkel Date on Ikei Island

Last Saturday, I finally got to take Victor to my all time favorite beach here. I don't go there often because it takes an hour to get there, but it is just so gorgeous. We got to snorkel, swim, read, sunbathe, snack: basically everything that makes a perfect beach day. Perfect afternoon.

^^this pic cracks me up. say cheese!^^

 And a 35 week bump update for you. (I'm 36 tomorrow. yiiiiiiiikes) We are savoring these dates all we can these days.

Victor and I both have both been half jokingly complaining that we haven't and won't be able to really travel for a while. But man, when I look at these pictures and realize that we live where most people dream of for a vacation, it helps to ease the blow ha ha. But seriously. This place is amazing. We are so lucky we get to experience it.

Okinawa, we love you!


  1. You do live in paradise! And I'm glad you're able to enjoy it so much :) Also, you look really great! It's almost time and the baby will be here, how exciting!

  2. 36 weeks! Exciting! And yes, anytime a beach is involved, you are on vacation.

  3. My baby came at 36 weeks.... Good luck!