Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Traveling with Baby Lifesavers and Tips

^^diaper changing on the go. no changing tables to be found in Vietnam ha^^

Traveling with our baby has been really fun for us. We are really hoping that traveling with him this early will condition him to be a good little traveler. Fingers crossed! Since traveling to Tokyo, we have taken him to three other countries in Asia, but these items make for easier traveling anywhere, really. 

1. Ergo baby carrier, or any structured carrier. I still love my wrap and bring it traveling, but the ergo has been better for us in everyday traveling. It's quicker to put on, and for places like Bali, not as hot to wear. In Asia as well as places like Europe, a baby carrier is the way to go for babies since most countries' sidewalks may not be so stroller friendly. Also, the carrier helped not having tons of people touch the baby (which they totally would have if we had him out. Tons did anyway, and that's why we had number 3.)

2. I didn't use a pacifier clip until we first traveled at three months, but it's the best. First I had these cloth ones but the baby would drool all over them making them wet and gross. So, I got these way cute leather ones from this store on etsy. Funny story: when they came in the mail I was excited and was being all cheesy as I clipped it on J saying, "oh J look how cool you look!" Victor joined in on the cheesiness, chiming in, "yeah J, you are going to be so cool at the........mommy hang out groups!" Hahaha. Cracks me up.

3. Face and hands wipes. Great to keep germs away after he's been touching who knows what. Also, like I said, people were touching his face all the time, and he even started breaking out again on his cheeks. Starting to wipe his face with these helped clear it up really fast. 

4. This thing has been so handy and easy to get to. Even though the changing kit (number 5) has a wipe container, I thought it was still easier to have this handy for things like spit up. 

5. I got this changing station from a baby shower put on by the USO (love me some free events!) and it has been great for traveling, since I don't bring my usual diaper bag. It's also seen in the photo above. It has definitely been a lifesaver in our trips outside of Japan, since we've had to change the baby in some random places like in the middle of the bustling market in Bali, or at a janky rest stop on our way to Halong Bay. 

6. All of these things I keep in a basic backpack instead of my diaper bag. It just is so much easier when you're running around or wearing the baby. But be warned! I usually prefer an over the shoulder bag when traveling for my wallet and stuff so I can keep it right in front of me to avoid pick pocketers. Like I said earlier, I caught an old man in Hanoi trying to open my back pack and if I hadn't, he would have gotten my wallet. After that I made sure to put my wallet under stuff, and right next to my back to make it harder to get to. 
^^happy little traveler!^^

As far as packing, we all share a checked suit case, so with the baby's stuff, I divide up clothes and pajamas and pack them in grocery bags so they don't get all mixed up with our stuff. It's been really easy this way. My carry on bag is this bag  and that bottom compartment is just for baby's stuff. It makes it so easy to keep stuff separated. 

So there you go. Hope it helps! 

Now if you have any advice for dealing with a grumpy baby on a plane, I am all ears. Unfortunately we are starting to experience that more as the baby gets older. I think it's signs he is getting bored. Yikes. But thankfully, those have really been the only super challenging times. 


  1. You ought to consider using packing cubes if you're using one family suitcase. Then you pack his, hers, and baby cubes and your bag would be so organized. I recently bought the medium set from this site and I'm completely smitten with them. Who would have thought that such a small thing would bring me so much happiness?

    1. I'm checking these out now and they look amazing! I take joy in effectively packing as well ha ha

  2. Gotta look cool at those mommy hangout groups! Haha

  3. Most parents get anxious when it comes to traveling with their babies. However, I think that the feeling of anxiety comes from the fact that they are traveling unprepared. I definitely hope your list will reach out to parents out there, who are unaware of how fun it is to travel with their babies, when they have everything they need. Thanks for sharing that, Annie! All the best to you! :)

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