Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Weekending in SoCal

You know, sometimes I forget I live in California. The Monterey Peninsula is its own little world--so different than the California that I am accustomed to. So it was kind of funny that when we were driving down south to Orange County, I couldn't help singing the O.C. theme song "Califoooornia, here we come!" And then I realize I already am in California.

Anyway! We managed to pull off this little weekend getaway with my side of the family. The Utah part of the family came down for my sister's soccer game, and the Arizona part came over as well. It's so nice being able to do something like this! Last time we managed a meet-up trip like this was Hawaii, which was so much fun. This was up there too in fun trips, but too short!

In high school we always stayed at Huntington Beach, so that's where we met up, even staying at the same hotel we always would stay at. We had a great beach day and then capped off the day with pool time (pina coladas! they are so yummy at this hotel) and eating dinner on the pier. Of course Baby J had a fantastic time getting covered in sand, playing in the water, and refusing to nap because it was all too fun!

^^right after a wave wiped them out^^
^^sweet little nephew^^
^^sweet cousins!^^

If you are wondering how to contain a busy one year old so you don't have to chase him all the time, bury him in the sand!
 After the Utah people left since they had a longer drive, we went down to walk around the Newport Beach Temple. It was lovely.

Weekend in SoCal for the win. Good food, even better company, and warmer temperatures to actually enjoy the beach!


  1. This looks so much fun. I love your family!

  2. Your little getaway looked amazing! Beach, food, family, and piña coladas? Sign me up!

  3. BELLY SHOT!!!!! I love it!!!!!! Wish I was there! Miss you all.

  4. Wow. Looks so fun! That's so fun that you were able to meet up with your whole family 😑

  5. Missed you Mel Mel! And truly it was a wonderful weekend!