Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I can't resist the "then and now" photos.

Yes, I'm a sucker to take these kind of photos, but the changes of time in these two pictures is crazy to see. I'm not talking about my being pregnant then not pregnant, although it is crazy how time goes. Just 7 months ago I had a baby in me and now I have an almost 6 month old. 

Anyway, I'm talking about the seasons for this rock formation. That it can be just that one season--not a drop of water...
To this!!
A roaring waterfall that caused a nice gust of mist as soon as we came in its path. This log was all wet now, and yet it was still so easy to just climb on up compared to last time.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this edition of then/now photos!

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  1. man that is so weird it had no water! i like the before and then too!