Thursday, May 5, 2016

Motherhood Life Lately: Why I'm not wishing away this stage.

"Have joy in your mothering." --Marjorie Pay Hinckley

I was in my doctor's office last week perusing a parents magazine where I saw a quote from a mormon mommy blogger I know of saying something to the effect of "now that I have a toddler and a baby, I understand when people say these are the trenches of parenting." It kind of made me sad. Because while there are some challenging moments, I would not call them trenches. In fact, I can say I truly am relishing this time in my motherhood journey, for the following reasons (among others):

1. Both of my babies still nap, and at the same time in the afternoon. Nap for me too. Enough said. 

2. I can take them to the store and they aren't begging and screaming for me to get them anything, which makes me want to get them things haha. I know this won't last forever, so I'm making sure to not take it for granted.

3. They aren't in school, and they are too young to want to participate in extracurricular stuff. I can do whatever I want with them, whenever I want. We can lounge in our pjs for a while, eat a slow breakfast, take a long walk, go to the beach, you get the idea. I love the freedom and I love this time where I can enjoy them and not be on a busy restricted schedule where my other job is a chauffeur. Also I'm selfish, and I enjoy doing all the things I just said. I love being able to plan our weekends not thinking about sports games or stuff like that ha. 

4. They just want my love. I'm amazed at little children. With J especially, I see when I get mad at him for doing something and he's upset about it, that's when he wants me to pick him up and love on him the most. It's a good reminder that they are in such a fragile stage where so much of their happiness is solely based on me just giving them love and making sure they still feel loved even after doing something bad. It sounds like lot of pressure, but right now it is so easy to do that, because they are sweet innocent babies who aren't talking back to me or trying to manipulate me. Not taking that for granted either. 

5. They are just so adorable. I never want the baby giggles to go away. 
So no, I would not say I am in the trenches. I am loving life right now and loving the stages both of my babies are in. As you know, we had a rough go with Dom during months one and two, but things have smoothed out. We have found our groove. Obviously there are moments of frustration, but that's what alone time is for. That's still an important part in my mothering. 

I feel so blessed to have these sweet perfect babies. I never thought mothering would bring me such joy but it does, and I'm just trying to soak up all the good moments, since time really is fleeting. 


  1. aww i loved this post. I think sometimes we (I) can focus on the hard parts of being a mother and comparing it to the freedom we had before we were moms, but you have very good points! we do whatever we want and i love that part!

  2. I love all your sweet pictures. I'm totally with you on #3. I get asked all the time if I'm putting Ava I'm preschool next year (which would give her 3 years of preschool), but truthfully I'm dreading school days where I'm confined to a schedule. I'm going to soak in my schedule free life as long as I can!

  3. This was probably one of the best blog posts that I've read in a while!! I did the same thing before Ashley started kindergarten and I (and they do too) still love to cuddle and take naps together when we can. I also love the quote and anything related to motherhood and sister Hinckley :) I think you are a great mother and you have the right attitude about it. Kids truly are sent from Heaven to teach us how to slow down and be better people.

  4. You are rhe best writer. I love your posts. They're so uplifting. Also #3 is the death of me. Ian ended up with paw patrol light up sandals the other day because I just HAD to get our of target alive! So happy you're enjoying those sweet angels.