Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dominic is 10 months old

^^he's not cross eyed...we went to an ophthalmologist last month to check but sometimes he tricks us ha!^^
^^happens a lot when he says sorry to Dom for always being too rough^^
Really, can't we hit the brakes? Dom has hit the sweet spot of delicious baby. Although he does have a temper which we aren't used to this early!!

The past couple months Dom has really started becoming OBSESSED with food. He eats anything and everything and gets extremely jealous if you are eating and not sharing. I don't really ever feed him baby food anymore because he wants only the grown up food. And yet he's so skinny! 

He says mama and he is the king of cuddling. The cuddliest baby ever. We love it so much! J wasn't a cuddler.

Dominic, we love you so much! Next update is one year old and I don't want to--fastest year ever. 


  1. He's looking more like toddler J and less like little Dom. Must stop! So sweet. I wish we could have seen you guys in California (which had been MY plan for months.)

  2. wow! can't believe that 10 months has gone by already. He def has more victor in him but still him and j look so much alike! how fun for them to have each other! Lucy is jealous ;)