Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm proud of this picture

I'm proud of this picture, because it's been the first time in months that I have been able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans. They're still a little tight to button up and I still have some work to do in my personal fitness/weight loss goals, but I am proud I am making visible progress.

A few months ago I ordered a dress a size up than the dresses of the same brand that I already owned. And when it arrived I couldn't even get it past my thighs and butt. Add that to always hating the way I was starting to look in pictures, and I knew I couldn't make excuses anymore. My exercise habits were spotty, my eating habits were even worse. 

When I would talk to friends/husband about my weight gain, people were nice and saying things like "yeah but you just had a baby so you can't be hard on yourself." And I would have been ok with that if I knew it was true. But it wasn't. Because I fit in these jeans shortly after the baby was born. It was my own crappy habits that led to me gaining a good amount of weight for this short 5'2" body. It wasn't the baby's fault and I needed to own it!

Since August I have been better at creating an exercise routine, but when I finally became serious about my eating in September, I finally started seeing results. I have been doing the 21 day fix program which I LOVE because a) the workout is only 30 minutes which really has helped me to not make excuses to not workout because of time commitment b) the eating plan has helped me readjust my portions and the way I prioritize what I eat and c) I do really like the chocolate shakeology because it helps me curb my sugar cravings. I think I could still lose weight without it, but it does help.

So yeah, there you go! Maybe if you are in a rut like I was this will help. If anything I'm just sharing to hold myself accountable. At the pace I'm going at, my goals will hopefully be accomplished by the holidays. Stay tuned! (something that has helped me stay on track is staying away from Utah because it contains my vices aka Cafe Rio and Dirty Dr. Pepper with Swig sugar cookies. I will need strength when I visit again!)

Oh, and that dress I bought I can completely zip up easily yay! Still want to flatten my tummy before I wear it in public ;)

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