Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

On my California bucket list: a visit to Sequoia National Park. It's no Yosemite, but it was way less crowded and a lot more relaxed because of that. We had a nice time. Personally I liked Kings Canyon more, a national park right next to Sequoia, and it was even less crowded! It was a lot of driving between the two though. 
A fallen Sequoia. Seeing them flat on the ground is crazy! You see how long they are. Sequoias tend to fall more than redwoods because they weigh much more and have a harder time supporting their weight as they get older. 
The biggest tree in the world! The boys weren't really impressed ha.

Kings Canyon:
We did the meadow hike and it was so beautiful. 
Plenty of hikers warned us of a bear on the trail. On our way back from the meadow, he was right on the trail! He didn't seem phased at all by the hikers passing him. Too busy eating. Glad it wasn't a big bear! 
Another fallen sequoia that you could walk through. I find that the baby is a good scale to see how huge they are!!

It was a nice weekend with the family. Check that off the Cali bucket list!

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