Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Things About My Little J

Lately there have been a few little things that J has been doing now that he is getting so much better at organizing thoughts and starting to talk a little more and I don't want to forget.

He has designated a spot on the couch as only his, or as he says "my sit." Even if he's not sitting there, if he sees you sit there, he comes and demands you move. Or if it's Victor, he comes tattle taling to me that Victor is in his sit. Oh man, this boy.

He has a set of cars someone gave him for his birthday. One of those cars has flowers on it, and every time, he says that it's "mommy's car." So interesting to me, since I really haven't taught him about anything being masculine or feminine.

We are teaching him spanish (trying to) and so there are some words that are easier for him to say in spanish, like agua and si. He sure loves to say "no," but when he wants milk, he brings us the milk from the fridge, and says "SI! SI!" It's hilarious. And also he is freakishly strong and carries a full gallon of milk around the house like it's no big deal.

He also knows that mommy's name is "Annie" and will unpredictably call me it once in a while, like in Costco when I walked away to get something. I got it on instagram stories video, but the app didn't post it and it gone! So angry. But it was so funny.

Speaking of Costco, I was checking out yesterday, and Dom started crying because he wanted the checker's scanning gun and couldn't get it, so J kept hugging him and patting his back and trying to give him his pacifier. J is the sweetest brother and I love seeing them bond!

He has a book about feelings, and it's definitely catching on, because lately if he gets hurt, or feelings hurt from getting in trouble, he cries through the tears "Sad!" So cute, and so sad haha.

Also we have had some behavioral breakthroughs with him, and it all stems from not letting him have ANY tablet time. It was turning him into a monster! Even at church, when he usually loved going to nursery he wanted to watch the ipad. So he is cut off completely, and we call the ipad "the thing that must not be named" because when he hears the word he starts asking. It's crazy how that has made such a difference. Even his nursery leaders noticed a change and said "it's so nice having the old J back!" He still has tantrums, but we have been able to resolve them much faster. So yeah, when you see people post those articles about how tablets turn kids into crazy addicts, I believe it whole heartedly!

Man, we love this kid!


  1. That's crazy what a difference no tablet made. Do I dare try it?

  2. I agree on the iPad! Plus, I sure love that J! 'Miss seeing him grow up.