Friday, March 31, 2017

Family Pictures PTSD

We took family pictures last weekend and to sum it up, I speak for Victor and myself when I say it was the worst hour of our lives. You know those adorable family shoots where the family is smiling and interacting together? The kind of shoot I was hoping to get? Yep, that did NOT happen for us because the in between time of the few photos we actually got were filled with boys screaming and fighting us because all they wanted to do was play and run around. What a nightmare!

When it was all done, Victor and I just sat in the car in a daze. We felt exhausted and defeated. I felt upset that I took the plunge to finally pay for family photos and it was a disaster. Victor never grew up taking family photos, and I don't know how I'm going to convince him to ever do it again!

But wonder of wonder miracle of miracles, our photographer was able to get some good ones. I do love these pictures, but will I ever be able to look at them without reliving that painful hour?? Time will tell....

Ok I take it back, there was one happy memory from this photo shoot and it was when the photographer told J she wanted pictures with just him. He gladly cooperated and gave several poses, none of them prompted. That hand in the pocket? All him. He is a bugger sometimes, but man, he is adorable!!!


  1. You'd never know it was a bad experience. The pictures are perfect!

  2. That photographer sure made it look just like the blogger pictures! You guys look amazing and J is such a ham!!! My family pictures were a nightmare as well, that's why I haven't done it in almost 2 years ��

    1. But I love your family pictures too! Funny how those perfect images hide what's really going on ha!

  3. What a fantastic setting! and yes, I hate the creation part of family photos. None of my crew is comfortable posing and grinning. Bryan can be outright belligerent..."I don't lean against trees." "I don't put my hands in my pockets." I need to hire a photographer/spy who will somehow sneak around and capture our actual good moments.