Monday, March 20, 2017

Hanging out with the Elephants!

I love African elephants!
I loved being able to visit an elephant sanctuary while we were there and learn so much about these magnificent animals. I learned so much about their behavior and social structure. This sanctuary was housing only two elephants because it's a smaller sanctuary. Casper was about 31 years old, and Kitzu was 15, a "naughty teenager" as our guide said haha. It was so interesting to learn that young elephants, particularly the males, need older males in their life to guide them and keep them in line, or they will act out in ways like destroying trees or structures. So while Casper was more chill, we had to be more careful with Kitzu since he was more inclined to just want to play. 

First we got to interact with them, and then we got to ride them for a little bit. We pet them, fed them, took a walk with them, and they gave us a "kiss." I don't have pictures of that but it looked like they had us in a choke hold since it was on our neck. Such a strange feeling! Riding bareback on the elephant was so fun. And any longer, I would have had some serious saddle sore ha. 
 Before we left, I got to give Casper one last hug. I didn't want to say good bye. I love these majestic creatures. I never got tired of seeing them on safari, and we saw lots!
And here's the video of me feeding Kitzu

Love them so much!

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