Friday, March 17, 2017

The Panorama Route, South Africa

Before our afternoon safari at Kruger, we spent the morning doing "the panorama tour" and it didn't disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous scenery!  The three stops we made along the tour were The Three Rondavels/Blyde River Canyon, Lisbon Falls, and God's Window. 
^^Overlooking the Three Rondavels. Can you see me??^^
It is called the Three Rondavels because the three formations I am looking at resemble rondavels aka the traditional African hut. 
It's just so pretty! A short walk from that is this beautiful view from the Blyde River Canyon.
Next up: Lisbon Falls. I loved this spot too. Such a beautiful waterfall overlooking the valley. I thought it was funny that our South African guide kind of made it sound like it wasn't that good of a waterfall, which made me expect like a trickle or something. But is was beautiful. 
 God's Window was our last stop, and the name was definitely bigger than the view. It was pretty: in the distance you can see Kruger, but after the first two stops, it wasn't as cool ha.
At all these places were little souvenir/"curio" markets, and the people running them were just so nice. They bargained a little, but I just felt bad trying. I bought a mask for Victor simply because the girl was so nice asking me to come look at her store. Hope you like the mask, Victor ;)

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