Friday, August 11, 2017

Dreamy Prince Edward Island

 We have dreamed for YEARS of coming here. Planning five schedules was complicated, but we finally made it! And I feel confident in saying that Prince Edward Island lived up to expectations. An incredibly beautiful island with so much natural beauty, as well as charming towns, and incredibly nice people--I know I've already said it but they were extra nice here! I already miss it so much, and I was just there a week ago. Prince Edward Island, you won me over completely.

To get there, we opted to drive the Confederation Bridge across, rather than the ferry. Mostly because we didn't want to have to worry about coordinating schedules. This bridge is 10 miles long! It was pretty impressive.

^^views from the bridge^^

^^I spy Mel Mel again^^
Our schedule for our time in Prince Edward Island was pretty open, with one day devoted to all things Anne of Green Gables. So when we first arrived, we just drove around along the coast, stopping to eat at this coastal restaurant, with the best lobster burger (basically just a bunch of lobster meat, butter and a brioche bun)--yummiest lobster I have had!

We explored different beaches and lighthouses and coastal towns, had afternoon tea, and did a little exploring in Charlottetown, the capital. We had a wonderful time and I did not want to leave!

Just such a dream come true for us!

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