Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Prince Edward Island: Where We Stayed

There are a sea of options of places to stay on Prince Edward Island. All kinds of bed and breakfasts and air bnbs, but at the top of the dream spots for us was the Dalvay by the Sea. Part of the "Anne" films were filmed here, and even Will and Kate came and visited! I thought it would be way out of our price range, but I found a great deal on hotels.com that was pretty much the same price as all the other options I was looking at. And as soon as we rounded the corner and pulled up to this incredibly charming hotel, it was worth it! Staying here was a major highlight of this trip. And we know the way to my mom's heart is through charming hotels, so we definitely won her over with this one!

The place is oozing with charm, and our stay was so pleasant I never wanted to leave. We had fun exploring the grounds, walking to the beautiful beach right across the street (Melanie and I took a sunset swim one evening and it was unreal! So beautiful), having afternoon tea one day, and playing chess and drinking hot chocolate in the lounge. 
^^My mom's cute little room up in the west gable^^
^^our room on the balcony above the lobby^^

^^yes that's a big purple jellyfish. no stings thankfully^^
^^So we noticed that the lawns on PEI were purple. Some kind of purple plant that would take over the whole lawn. Then we picked some and realized it's thyme! Pretty cool I thought^^
^^the little balcony on the middle floor was our room^^
Funny side story. My sister Camille commented about the hotel "I just wish I had a boyfriend or husband to come stay here with--it's so romantic!" To which I replied, "I just facetimed with Victor and was so excited to show him this awesome hotel, and he did not care nearly as much as me. So you should always stay at these awesome places with girlfriends and sisters and moms who will appreciate it just as much as you do!" I still stand by that. Guys just don't live for the charm like we do ha! That being said, I would still love to come back with my little family because this place is fun for families too. 

Oh, the Dalvay, I love you! If you ever visit PEI, I can't recommend this place enough. 

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  1. Lol. Camille an dream she'll find a guy who cares about those things. So charming though!!