Thursday, August 10, 2017

Welcome to Canada, eh!

To break up the driving, we spent one night in St. John, New Brunswick, and it was a lovely city. This was my first time to Canada (besides the Canadian side of Niagara Falls so does that even count?) and it was great. No traffic, and incredibly nice people. They just got nicer and nicer! And they really do say "eh" after things ha. 

We just walked around the waterfront and downtown a bit, and also visited the City Market, which is apparently the oldest market in North America. It was a fun market. And just down the road was another really cool artisan fair going on. I love that stuff. 
 ^^loved this cute display^^
 ^^our souvenir from St. John were these cute silver knot rings.^^
There were these statues all over the city. They grew on us.

Then we were off to the much anticipated Prince Edward Island!! yay!!!

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