Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers Day: Some media I'm loving lately about motherhood

A few months ago, my friend Mickelle took these pictures and I think Mothers Day is a fitting day to share them! She captured our lives at this moment pretty perfectly. Lots of energy, lots of snuggles, and lots of love. I didn't have her capture the lots of crying part because there's plenty of that but who remembers that years down the road?
Recently, I've seen a few shows that I have loved for their beauty and realness is capturing motherhood. It's nice to see more things coming out that show the difficulties in motherhood, but make sure to still show the beautiful moments with the more important message that it's all worth it.

Being Serena: A new documentary on HBO that is killing me that it only is a 30 minute episode a week. It's about Serena Williams discovering she was pregnant, still winning the Australian Open at 9 weeks pregnant, having difficulties with giving birth, and getting her body back to competition level. It's so good!! And a testament to how the female body is amazing. I love watching it.

Tully: Loved seeing this movie. I read lots of people complaining on the internet about the surprise plot twist ending, but I think it opens it up to lots of discussion about postpartum issues, and also thinking about what we would say to our younger selves if we were giving the chance. I thought it was an amazing film showing the array of emotions with being a wife and mother.

The Letdown: A show on netflix about first time moms dealing with the adjustment and struggles of life with a baby. What's funny is that I remember so many of those things, but now after the battle of toddlerhood, I want to tell the character on the show "just wait until they're two!" But I love the dry humor in it (it's based in Australia so it's classic dry British humor)

So there you go! Any other recommendations, please share :)
Happy Sunday, and Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. I almost started The Letdown, but got into Call the Miswife instead.