Monday, July 25, 2011

From the mouths of babes

Did you hear? We got called as nursery leaders. The reaction that I have heard multiple times from people was "why do they do that to newlyweds?!" and "don't let that be another form of birth control for you." Thanks for the advice. It will be taken into consideration.

Hanging out with and trying to teach two and three year olds definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. The one advantage that my husband had to wrack his brain to find was that you get snacks in nursery. The advantages that I have found is that you get to talk to three year olds (who are hilarious), it's only for two hours, and if they have a scream attack or bathroom emergency, you just hand them off to the parents. Fine by me.

But besides all that, you get a chance to see how in tune and "with it" these babies are. People think that you can't have spiritual experiences at church when you're in the nursery. This is not the case, I think. They know the basics, and everything is so simple with them. The answer to every question to them is "Jesus." Who do you think made the nest for the baby birds? Who answers your prayers? Who is the nicest person you know? I love it.

So, back to the part about how three year olds are hilarious. Right after I graduated high school, I helped in the nursery. Combine that with the kids I am teaching now, I have learned that you can typically see what kind of personality they will be when they grow up, even as early as three years old. Here are the examples from my own nursery class (names will not be used to protect their innocence).

There's the boy who Victor and I call Marky Mark. He dresses fab, and you can tell that he will be a hottie when he grows up. We call him Marky Mark because his pants are just a little too big for him, and he ends up walking around with his pants around his ankles.

Then there's the girl who will definitely be OCD when she grows up. Considering the fact that she methodically puts strips of toilet paper on the seat before she has you carefully place her on the seat, it's a given.

And let's not forget the lovable nerd, the drama queen, the fashionista, and the sweet quiet one who everybody loves but kind of forgets about because she never causes any problems.

So there you go. I realize this post was mostly about the advantages of working in the nursery. There are disadvantages, but for me they don't fit into the theme of this post because they involve the younger group of the nursery--the dreaded 18 month olds who are new to the nursery. They're the ones who put a damper on nursery, in my opinion. I'm positive that my husband can think of more disadvantages. He is just completely out of his element right now, so it's a bit of a struggle for him. It's amusing to watch.

Loves, Annie


  1. HAHA! I LOVE nursery! Poor Victor though. I'm super glad Michael is not in there with me! One of my three year olds gave me a flower (weed) yesterday!

  2. how cool Annie! I worked in Nursery for about a year and I loved it. At times I felt like I didn't know anyone else in the ward besides my kids and their parents hahaha, but it was worth it... they made my Sundays fun.

  3. That was our first calling when we got married. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved being with the kids, but being asked each week by different members if we were "new in the ward" got a little old after 12 months. That and having 12 kids in our nursery when only Steve and I would show up, seemed to be a little reckless.