Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our first house guests

Don't mind the messy apartment--it's still a work in progress!
My parents decided to come up and see us after a week in Florida. They chose to drive up and see us since we were relatively "in the same neck of the woods." They soon realized that that was quite a stretch. But I'm still glad they came!

We didn't have much time together, so we decided to stick around here and show them the charms of Virginia life south of D.C. We live right by Fredericksburg, a cute historic city full of antique and vintage stores, Civil War battlefields, and the boyhood home of George Washington, which we visited while the husband was working.

This is where the main house used to be

My dad has mastered taking the self portrait--but we are still struggling to not look ridiculous
It was here that George Washington cut down his father's cherry tree and infamously answered when confronted about it "I cannot tell a lie." It's still up in the air whether this is actually a true story: personally, I think it's just something that teachers make up for when they're teaching snot nose children their abc's (name that movie!).

Either way, I really like this painting that they had there, because not only is the cherry tree cutting still in debate, but the joke is that we really can't even try to imagine our first president as a child.

So now the question is, when are YOU coming to visit?! We have a guest bedroom with your name on it, and we live just 30 minutes (give or take, ok mostly give, depending on traffic) from Washington D.C., so fly into that airport. See you soon!!!


  1. Love Dad's self portrait. And we are coming over fall break.

  2. Visitors already?! How fun, and I would love to come visit. Maybe someday...

  3. DANG IT! Blaine was just in DC for a conference for his scholarship last week. I was going to go but I didn't know what to do while he was in class. Curses!

  4. The quote you referenced is from Matilda.
    Much too good for children!