Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I learned a lot about myself on my honeymoon to the D.R. (that's the cool abbreviation for the Dominican Republic).

First, that I could indeed live on a diet of potato chips, fresh fruit, and pina coladas. Unfortunately, the husband can't.

Second, I have NO tolerance for high temperatures, high humidity, and no air conditioning whatsoever. We went to Santo Domingo for a day, and it was HOT. So hot, that it was a struggle to enjoy anything else. It kind of made me a grumpy gus. But Santo Domingo was a sweet city, with a lot of cool history. I just couldn't wait to get back to this view:

Third, I am such a sucker for spa treatments. This probably just confirms your assumptions about me that I am a diva, but I don't care. Massages are incredible, and I think I converted my husband as well through the juice and private infinity pool available only for spa users.

Fourth, I have finally been to a country where I find that the guys just as attractive as the girls. The D.R. is full of beautiful people, and unlike China and Romania where the girls are beautiful and the so much (my apologies to any Chinese or Romanian guy that is reading this, which is very unlikely), both the girls and the guys are very attractive. Oh, and guess what: I married one of 'em!

Fifth, I really like being married.


  1. I can't believe Annie posted a kissing pic...haha! And I'm jealous of that vacay.

  2. Love love love it! :) I am so glad you are loving married really is the best! Miss you guys!