Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to decorate for Christmas on a budget

This year I finally get to decorate my own place how I want for Christmas, and this year I am also a poor newlywed. The more money I spend to decorate is less money to buy gifts for people, so therefore, the decorating had to be done for cheap. It also helps that my apartment is small, so there's not much space to decorate! Anyway, here are some tips and ideas.

--Paper snowflakes. These are my favorite! I love cutting snowflakes, so it was more fun than it was tedious. And I think they just look so pretty. You may think they look like an elementary school class, but I disagree. And the cost: FREE.
 Also, I thought about putting a garland on the curtain rod, but they were like $20! The ribbon was one dolla.

--The front door: I love Christmas wreaths, but all the good looking ones were starting at like $30. I thought about making my own, but even that would have cost a minimum of 15. So I decided to decorate my door with this big big bow. What else could I use a bow that big for? So this look cost me like $8.
Simple, but festive!

Then the rest of the stuff is stuff I already had, with the exception of the Christmas tree, the darling winter pillow from Homegoods (a splurge compared to how much I spent on the other stuff), the lanterns from Ikea, and the placemats and ornaments on the table. The ornaments were $3 from the dollar store. Oh, and the kitchen tins are from Ikea. I like the international Santas.
btw, I finally got something for the entryway instead of the mini fridge! 

My nativity scenes: on the left is the one from the Dominican Republic, and the other two are from Romania. The table runner is also from Romania. Love.

So, I really wanted these little Christmas trees from Ikea that looked like these felt cut out placemats. I saw them way back in October but didn't buy them because I thought it was nonsense to buy Christmas decorations in October. Well, I have learned my lesson. So I settled for the lanterns instead.

Anyway, let the Christmas season begin!


  1. Hey, did you get that shelf thing in your entry way from IKEA? I think we have the same thing and use if for night stands in our bedroom. Love all the Christmas decor! I feel like a scrooge because I don't have mine up yet. That is my goal this weekend!!!

  2. the entryway thing, like the majority of the furniture in my house, is from ikea! i really like it. that would be handy to use them as nightstands as well.

  3. I love this. I want to be you when I grow up.