Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving highlights, a week late

The night before Thanksgiving, we went out to a club in Jersey to see some of Victor's friends. And SERIOUSLY, it was a scene straight out of Jersey Shore. Me and my friend Megan were the whitest girls there: Megan stood out even more because she has blond hair and fair skin. Good times! Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence.

On Thanksgiving, we took a stroll at Liberty State Park. The weather was incredibly beautiful.

On Friday, we headed into the city to go to the Manhattan temple, and it was nuts (the city, that is. the temple was wonderful). We decided to drive since we were short on time, but consequently had to face the parking nightmare. But other Friday highlights included: the sunshine, the food in Little Italy, hot dogs and papaya juice, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cheesecake at Juniors, and a late night showing of the Radio City Rockettes. Basically, seeing the Rockettes was the movie "Annie" coming to life for me, so that was pretty sweet. And who would have thought that watching girls kick up their legs and synchronize their walking would be so inspiring?!

Radio City Music Hall is legit. That's a live organ player before the show.

And Saturday involved pizza in Hoboken, and a swell time at the Romanian restaurant in Queens. And now I'm just realizing that most of these highlights were food.

Sunday was a massive mess in traffic. It took us twice the amount of time that it usually does to get home. That wasn't fun. Dressing up my husband helped to pass the time.

The fact that he doesn't get annoyed by me is something that I will never understand.

The end!

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  1. 1-Kinda sad I missed out on the Jersey Shore moment :)

    2-Victor looks like he's trying to strangle you in the Egyptian Great Hall...

    3-Love the blah, blah, blah picture :)

    Let's go back!