Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my favorites tubes of 2011

I rarely, if ever, post a bunch of youtube videos in one post on my blog. You're in for a treat. In my opinion, these were the best youtube videos of 2011. Feel free to share what your favorites were. After all, exchanging youtube videos is one of my favorite past-times!

Oh, Adele. How amazing would she be in concert---not only that, but in Royal Albert Hall?? Awesome.

I would put this video, which is hilarious, but it actually came out last year. So this one takes the spot instead. It's pretty dang accurate. So funny.

Those brits always have the best youtube videos. Case in point: Charlie! This is another one. Don't watch unless you want Super Bass stuck in your head all day.

I love the caption for this one: Ain't no party like a Pyongyang party, 'cause a Pyongyang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY! This video is comical and sad at the same time.

This one is great. A sweet explanation of the Book of Mormon.

And the winner in my book is this one. Classic. Especially the last minute and a half. (The Christmas one is pretty funny too)

There are still 17 days left of the year, so there might still be some more epic youtube videos. If there are, return and report.

Love, Annie


  1. The Jimmy Kimmel one was definitely the best, but I also love the sh*t girls say one because it felt like I was watching BYU on youtube.

    Also the Book of Mormon one was like, spiritual.

  2. I hadn't seen any of those videos. The Super Bass one was hilarious. The candy one is pretty funny too.

  3. The Pyongyang Party was so funny but so sad! I saw a National Geographic documentary about a Nepalese doctor who went and did cataract surgery in North Korea and it was sad and amazing. But besides that, all their marching and dancing in unison was pretty awesome.

    Great YouTubes!

  4. LOVED the Sh*t Girls Say! I made my husband watch it, he may have laughed too hard at some of them. :)