Saturday, December 10, 2011

utah to-do list

food to eat:
sweet tooth fairy
the pie
midget hot chocolate
my favorite greek place in st. george
chinese hot pot and dumplings

people to see:
kelsy, kimmy, grimmius, tawnya, shelley
my family, duh!
and anyone else who is going to still be in utah. text me!

things to buy:
root-beer extract for these yummy cookies I want to make. I can't find it anywhere here. Are we not in America???

play and snuggle with:
my sister's dog.

chores to do:
legally change my name. what's in a name anyway? but husband really wants me to, so I guess I will.

Am I forgetting anything? Did I mention that I can't wait? The countdown has begun: 6 days!!


  1. kinda sad i didn't make the list. though, i realize that's my own fault. booooooooo! i miss you!

  2. I didnt make the "people to see" list!?!? SHAME!

  3. you are now on the list now, mark. OF COURSE I want to see you!

  4. Yes! You must see me because I miss you!!! P.S. Maybe you can cross two things off at once and we can go get some midget ho cho together? I have been craving it ever since it got cold and the hubby says it's "too rich." Whaaaaaaat?!?!

  5. Oh, and another P.S. I searched forever for root beer extract at Halloween and finally found some at the Smith's Marketplace by my house. It was $8 for a 2 oz. bottle, for your fyi.

  6. Where do you get hot pot here in Utah? We love hot pot!

  7. @kelsy: YES, let's go get ho cho together please!
    @sarah: the hot pot restaurant I go to is in downtown Provo on University Ave. and it is LEGIT! seriously the best chinese food outside of china. the couple that owns it are so sweet. anyway, it's called four seasons hotpot and dumplings.