Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching the Kardashians makes me feel better about my own relationships

The fact that the Kardashian family is cashing in on letting millions of people watch Kim's marriage fall apart on national tv is pretty sad. But it's good for something. It's teaching me and confirming to me how to handle my relationships. First and foremost with my husband, but also with my family. It's kind of like a weekly therapy session of what not to do.

Case in point:

If you didn't feel like watching it, I understand. Here's the 2 minute video shortened into less than 100 words: Kim calls her sister a nasty troll b**** who has no respect for her and is just jealous of her life: all because said sister wakes her up early to say goodbye. Other sister says that Kim is just pissed because she is married to a barking dog.  Wow. Even if this is all just made up for tv, why not make it something actually worth getting mad about? (The barking dog comment was kind of funny, though)

Anyway, you can judge me for watching this crap. I judge myself. But it reminds me that treating people like this is not cool. And it makes me appreciate my own siblings for never being this ridiculous, even in our worst fights. This weekend, me and my husband got into a couple of different argument sessions. Looking back, they mostly originated in the fact that I was being tired and impatient, but that's besides the point. I have only been married shy of six months, so I'm no marriage expert, but as I watch this show, it confirms to me that "oh, yeah, that's NOT the way to handle this kind of situation with your spouse," and "ok, I'm on the right track with my husband."

Before the weekend was over, we had pretty much resolved our little spats. Victor doesn't hold grudges, but I'm a girl, and so sometimes I tend to take longer to get over things. But as I watched my weekly dosage of the Kardashian/Humphries marriage mess with my sleeping husband next to me, I went to bed feeling much more content about my life. Content that even though fights and arguments happen, I'm learning how to deal with them in a relatively mature way. Also content to have a different view on marriage and family than most of the world, which makes it worth working on and fighting for. And content that my husband believes in the same thing.

And content that he's not a barking dog. Poor Kris Humphries, bless his heart.


  1. I love when Kourtney tells Khloe to watch her language in front of the baby, and then she answers the phone and listens to Kim say the f-word while on speaker and continue to swear. That poor baby, someone save him!

  2. People on reality tv shows make me sympathize with communism. I'd take state sponsored brainwashing over satan sponsored brainwashing

  3. I made Alex watch 2 episodes with me. We laugh that Humphries always says "that's disgusting" to any or anything. Also the liberal use of the word "literally" by the Kardashians sisters.