Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cherry Blossom Loving

I have always wanted to be able to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. This year they bloomed early, so we went up on Monday to see them at their peak bloom. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! It was absolutely beautiful. And the smell: heavenly.

Spring is here now, and it's wonderful. For me and Victor, it's been a complete renewal or rebirth. As soon as Victor graduated from his training, the weather turned amazing. So it really did feel like closure for us. These last two weeks, Victor has basically not worked at all, so we have been spending the time soaking it up and catching up in quality time that we haven't had much of the past six months. It's been like Saturday everyday. We've gone on nature walks along the Potomac, played lots of raquetball, and have gone to D.C. for various festivities---and on weekdays, no less: that never would have happened before.

While we were visiting a friend's apartment in D.C., I was finally meeting a friend of Victor's from the mission who was there before my time. And while Victor was helping nail up some shelves in the other room, she was telling me about a time a couple years ago, before I got home from Romania, where she was asking Victor about his dating life. Victor responded with telling her about me: how there was a sister missionary still in Romania who was just amazing. How if she would just give him a chance, he would be so happy.

It was just one of those swoony moments for me when I once again realized how lucky I am to be with someone who simply adores me. It's lovely to hear those kind of things.

I love the springtime.


  1. Wow! Annie, how beautiful. Awesome pictures. I really hope we can meet up when I go to Washington.

  2. My grandparents are going to be disappointed they missed the blossoms. They were hoping they wouldn't bloom until the first week of April when they arrive. Oh, well. So beautiful though! I love your photog skills!

  3. Love the outfit! We definitely need to get together!

  4. So jealous. I've been dying to go for years! PS your outfit = awesome.

  5. Glad you and Victor could enjoy the blossoms together! Beautiful pictures and beautiful blossoms. Love you.