Tuesday, March 13, 2012

latest happenings.

Before Victor graduated, we took a trip up to Annapolis to see "South Pacific" being performed at the Naval Academy. That's the show we saw on our first date, so it's dear to our hearts. And yes, it was pretty interesting watching the midshipmen sing and dance. Some were good, and others not so much. But we loved it all the same. And going back to Annapolis is great now that Victor isn't a student there. They treat him so much better now.

And then came the great day we had been waiting for: graduation. Victor's mom and step-dad came down and we had a wonderful time with them. And I learned a valuable lesson to never blog about things before they come to pass, because when we had waited our turn to shoot machine guns, they announced that they were out of ammo: tough luck. Yeah. Great planning. But we still got to hold the big guns. Woop de doo.
my face is a combination of being tired and cold, and also trying to look bad-a. 
The graduation was short and sweet which made it awesome. Then we peaced out of there and had a fancy dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Alexandria. The highlight for me was the classical guitarist and the flamenco dancer. It reminded me of Mission Impossible 2: the Mission Impossible movie that everyone says is the crappiest, but personally it's my favorite.

Speaking of Spain, we finally are heading to Europe the end of next month!! We will take a military flight there and then fly home commercial from Bucharest. We are so excited and I'm still a little antsy about it since the military flight is kind of like stand-by and we don't know where we're flying into. But it looks like it will most likely be Spain or Germany. We'll spend a week in Western Europe and then a little over a week in Romania.

It's funny, because as I've started to make a tentative travel plan, I always stop to the point of Western Europe. Subconsciously in my head, I think I view it like this: once we see Western Europe, the "vacation" part is over.  Meaning that once we board that flight to Romania, it's more like we're headed home. I know what to expect from Romania, and I know that everything will be okay. I always get antsy right before traveling somewhere new because I don't know what to expect or what kind of curve balls will be thrown my way. But with going to Romania, I know I'm going to see people I love, and I know that we will be taken care of. And I absolutely can't wait. And neither can Victor. 

Needless to say, it's been an exciting week.


  1. MI:2 is my favorite too. I think I watched it five times when it came out. That's awesome about your Europe trip!!

  2. So jealous of your vacay plans. That will be so fun, and you and Victor have earned it!