Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Diagnosis

Remember this?

The Office - The Jim Trains Dwight
Get More: The Office - The Jim Trains Dwight

I've realized that it is totally me after visiting the temple. Ever since I was twelve years old, I have been trained to crave a treat after the temple. It's mostly just any type of treat, but after leaving the temple on Friday, the craving for a cherry rainbow from Pace's Dairy Ann (the most frequently visited treat place post-temple) was all too powerful. I settled for a McD's hot fudge sundae.  Not quite the same.

But either way, it was a beautiful night at the temple. We trekked through the intense rain which just added to the tortuous traffic. But it was worth it. We got there right after the storm had cleared.


  1. Yay for temple trips! Daca vrei, spune-mi next time you're 5 minutes from my place and I'll get dessert with you! There's a SWEET African ice cream place with everything from lychee and mango to ginger ice cream!!

  2. That was totally me last week after we went to the temple. I said, "Where are we going for a treat?" Tally just gave me this look like, what are you talking about? Mmmm, I haven't been to Pace's in years.

  3. Oh, and the g-parents will be serving at that temple next month. So, if you see the Sumsions, tell them hello!