Tuesday, October 9, 2012

D.C. MUST DO: the newseum

The Newseum is my favorite museum in Washington D.C. It's kitty corner to where I work at the Archives, and I wish I could go in there every time I work. But the thing is, the Newseum is not a Smithsonian, so it's not free. And I can't really afford to pay $20 every time I want to go in there.

But once in a while, the Newseum will have free days, and if they do, you should snatch up the opportunity to go. So a couple of weeks ago, we did. Victor had never been, so I was excited to finally go with him.

The whole museum is focused on the history of journalism and the news, as well as the concept of freedom of speech/press. My favorite parts are the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs, the huge section of the Berlin Wall, the September 11 exhibit, the First Amendment Exhibit, and the special exhibit for covering the Presidential Elections. So yeah, I have a lot of favorite parts of this museum.

 That's a map of the world that rates each country's freedom of press based on "free", "partly free", and "not free." It's pretty sad to see countries that used to be free go down to partly free and not free. Mexico is one of them from drug cartels controlling the media. Crazy.

So anyway, when you're in D.C., you really need to check out the Newseum. It's worth the money, I'd say, but it's even better when it's free :)


  1. This was a great post! I definitely have made a mental note to check this out if I find myself in Washington ever.

  2. I'm not surprised I passed over this museum when so many others are free and time is limited, but that is what would be so fun about living in DC for a while. You get to see all the museums. I need to tell my grandparents to check this one out before they come home next spring.

  3. This museum seems great. I don't know if I will ever get to go to Washington D.C. but if I do I will definitely visit it.
    But you know what I loved the most about your post? The expression kitty corner. I just learned it last week and when I read it now I was so proud of myself that I knew what that meant :)

  4. I look fat in all those pictures