Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Silver Linings

I had it all planned out. After spending a beautiful Saturday in Annapolis with these friends, I was going to get all packed and ready, go do some work for the Romney campaign, and then head out to Utah to meet my little baby niece. 

But that Sandy had some other plans.

I still got to work at the Romney campaign, and it was a blast since I had a friend:
But after not one, not two, but THREE flight changes trying to get out of here, all my flights were cancelled, thanks to the east coast mentality that it's better to be safe than sorry. Normally, I agree, but I was totally wanting to pull a Miranda Priestly and call the Coast Guard so I could just get to Utah already!
I guess it turned out ok though. We didn't lose power, and sure enough, D.C. didn't get hit hard at all (just as I expected). I caught a nasty cough/sore throat on  Sunday night, so it was nice to just cozy up at home. Not to mention how great it was that Victor didn't have to go into work on Monday or Tuesday, so we made a bed in the living room and watched movies while I made a lot of baked goods and soup. Victor braved the rain to get me medicine, cough drops, and Chinese food, which of course, made me feel very loved. So I guess the long weekend wasn't too bad after all. 

And let's not forget to thank the fabulous American Airlines who changed my flights three times to whatever days I wanted, and didn't charge an extra cent. I guess that's something to be glad about too. Thanks, AA. 

Utah, I'm coming to you tomorrow! Let's just hope that that jerk Sandy is gone for good. 


  1. Whahoo! You and Jenn call me when you have some free time so I can come up and visit you!