Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Finer Things Club

It happens once in a while. An occasion to get dressed up and feel fancy. To go out for a nice dinner. To feel refined. Last night was one of those nights. 

Victor and I went out to the opera: Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart. We had dinner in Georgetown before and took a stroll along the river as we made our way over to the Kennedy Center.
 I was a little weary of the fact that the opera was over three hours long, but we survived. In fact, we actually enjoyed every minute of it, because it was a very good opera. That Mozart sure knows what he's doing.
 Side question: do I look totally out of place wearing a white ensemble in October?? It's just that it's my go-to dress for feeling fancy, so what's a girl to do?

Anyway, we ended the evening with gelato. A very fine and enjoyable evening. An evening where I'm reminded how much I love my husband, because he enjoys the finer things and enjoyed the opera just as much as I did.

Aaaaand.... then we drove back down to our apartment in the woods. Until next time, Finer Things Club.


  1. I look much better in this photo, I like. We need to take advantage of all the culture now before we get to Japan.

  2. I like the white dress, and it's more of an ivory anyway. I don't know if I'm refined enough for a 3 hour opera, but the rest of the evening sounded fabulous. :)

  3. As a long time member of Finer Things Club, I fully endorse these activities and look forward to many more of your classy and cultured blog posts! And in my snobbish opinion, I think you can wear white as long as there isn't snow on the ground! Lookin snazzy!

  4. you don't look out of place at all! you look beautiful!

  5. I love how you look as well! So nice to be able to spend your time like this with your husband! Better take advantage now (before kids come :)