Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall, Glorious Fall

What a beautiful week to be alive in Virginia! 

The weather this week was perfection. The colors are turning more vivid every day, which makes tasks like sitting in traffic on the I-95 more bearable because it's just so darn pretty. 

Our fall activities this week have included:

1. Visiting Mt. Vernon when Victor had a day off this week. I've been before, but Victor had never been, and it would have been a shame to leave Virginia without him seeing it, because it's lovely. 
2. Going out to the Homestead Farm in Maryland with Sarah. I don't think the weather could have been more perfect. We went to pick apples: unfortunately, all the apples were off the trees, so we were picking them off of the ground instead. But hey, that cut the price in half, so we got our 27 pounds of apples for a steal of a deal!

Oh, and there were goats there on the farm, so naturally, I was in love. It made me miss my pet goat, Gertie, may she rest in peace. Try not to have a cute attack when you see that pic of the little baby goat looking up at Sarah. 

 Above: that is a live reaction to Sarah's picking up a nasty apple.
3. Walking around the National Mall with the in-laws on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. 
 4. Taking cheesy pictures.

And would you look at those vibrant red leaves? I'm just loving this time of year so much.
Happy Fall!!


  1. Victor looks less-enthused about your cheesy fall picture. I love it though! I super, super excited to see you next week!!!

  2. So so so so jealous! I miss seasons!