Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Fist Pumping Baby

Oh hey look! It actually looks like it could be a human! This was our first ultrasound picture, taken at 12 weeks. I was pretty worried it would be one of those experiences where I would be like "that just looks like a blob." But it wasn't, and it's a pretty good picture of this thing growing inside of me.

I was supposed to have this ultrasound at 10 weeks, but since I think I know it all, I put it off, because I was positive I wasn't as far along as they said I was. Well I was wrong. This goes down to that whole "you're pregnant even before the egg is fertilized" thing. Never realized that bit of science.

You want to know some other things I never knew? You always hear about women knowing they're pregnant because of nausea/vomiting, etc. But the dead giveaway is sore boobs. (Sorry for tmi, but this is real life, people.) SO sore. I felt like a pre-teen going through puberty again! How come no one tells you that?

And how come no one tells you that if you spend too long kneeling or something, the lack of circulation can possibly make you pass out?? That information would have saved me a lot of embarrassment before I woke up passed out in the sealing room in the Laie Temple with my vomit on the spotless white carpet. Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

But in all seriousness, I'm feeling really good. I have had a relatively easy first trimester, with no scares or complications, which I am so grateful for. And even though the thought of having children still scares me to death, I'm finding comfort in the fact that this is what I should be doing. I love this quote:

And seeing Victor's excitement and joy in all of this is making it very worth it. So thank you all for your words of happiness and encouragement. Love you!


  1. Great picture and great quote. Boobs sore was bad. It's nice how you can be scared to have a baby but by the end of nine months, you are so uncomfortable that you want a baby no matter what. And just wait til your milk comes in. It hurts.

  2. I'm with Jenn. You will forget how sore you feel now once you've gone through the first two weeks after baby comes, but it all gets better! :-) I am excited for you guys. I was so nervous too, but there is nothing better than having a baby of your own stare at you, smile for you, and love you. You will be such a good mama.

  3. Congratulations! I'm sorry, I laughed about the part in the temple. I hope that your pregnancy continues to go smoothly!

  4. YAY BABY!!!
    Dude I totally passed out in the temple too. It was awesome. I woke up on the floor and everyone was all nervous and mostly older people were in our session. I remember thinking - well that's weird, his voice is fading out... But you win because I didn't throw up - I didn't know that could happen. So... we can start a club called "Pregnant and Passed out in the temple." I'll make us buttons.

  5. Annie and Victor, I'm so happy for you guys!!!!!! I'm way excited to see your baby! You will be a great mommy! I loved you temple story! Hopefully it will never happen again.