Monday, August 17, 2015

An Afternoon at Point Lobos

Can I just say how much I love Victor's schedule while we are here in Monterey?? He is on a student schedule so we see him so much more than before. And we get to do things like go enjoy this beautiful area on a Wednesday afternoon (with the help of a canceled class). I am soaking it up. 

I took Victor to Point Lobos State Reserve---I had been there before with some friends and already wanted to go back to see more of it. It is so beautiful, with lots of little hikes that offer a variety of gorgeous views with lots of wildlife. And there is still more I haven't seen yet so I am excited to go back again. Love this place. 
^^25 weeks! Trying to document since it's so easy to forget^^
And such a sweet mother son picture for you. He's mad because all he wanted to do was climb the rocks, not take a picture. Still love him!


  1. Love the picture at the bottom! There will be more of these in your future haha!!

  2. bahaha that last pic of J is awesome!